Reliable Diagnostics: Symrise BioActives Extends Esculin Distribution Partnership with Gee Lawson

Symrise BioActives and Gee Lawson are extending a cooperation, which began in 2011... >>more

Cherry on Top: Enhanced Vitality & Mobility with Actiplants® Cherry Purevital from Symrise BioActives

With Actiplants® Cherry Purevital, Symrise BioActives is bringing another highly purified plant extract to the market... >>more

Symrise Analyzes Anthocyanin Content of Bilberries with New Method

Symrise has developed a procedure for analyzing the health-promoting ingredients in wild bilberries (Vaccinium myrtillus). >>more

A New Name for Familiar Quality: Kaden Becomes Symrise BioActives

Kaden Biochemicals is now Symrise BioActives. As of September 3, 2012, the company is making its ties with its parent company more evident with a new name and its own website. >>more

A Berry-Tale of Powerful Ingredients

Much has been written and said lately about superfruits and superberries – in particular about their high levels of antioxidants. One of those superfruits is considerably rich in these substances. >>more

Symrise BioActives
Made by Nature. Delivered by Symrise.

Symrise BioActives produces highly purified plant-based extracts and active substances which are certified as being safe for the food and pharma industries as well as for cosmetics and diagnostics (FDA, ISO). With our Standardized Plant Extracts, Rare Sugars and Specialties, we offer a comprehensive range of products and tailored services, ranging from global regulatory advice to exclusive customized solutions.




Actiplants® Bilberry PureProtect
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Actiplants® Cherry
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Superfruit Aronia
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Product brochure "Actiplants®, Rare Sugars, Specialties"

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